4 Replies to “iSandlwana: The Zulu Victory. Part 1”

  1. Looking forward to part 2 Josh.
    When Chief Dinuzulu (who succeeded Cetshwayo in May1884) was defeated he was sent to remote St. Helena, just like Napoleon! The Brits answer to any pesky opponents …

  2. Very interesting and informative. I shall return for part 2. (My great grandmother’s brother, Thomas Hicks, was killed in the battle)

  3. Hello ~ do you know whether all the Zulu Kings were buried together. I met King Goodwill as a child, and was taken to see the revered graves, but don’t recall if they were all buried together. My father was made an honorary chief…a true honour for a white man…but he was very loved and respected by the Zulus he employed. Many Thanks in advance for your answer. K Fink.

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