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    1. Hi Josh
      Got a question about the Crimean war. My partner’s great great grandfather was a Russian POW. We have been trying to find out some more info in him. Roger Fenton took his photo along with a Col. Brownrigg and another Russian lad in front of a tent. The lad that is standing was nicknamed Inkerman after the battle. This young lad went to Britain and became a Naturalised British subject sometime after 1855. He then became Simeon Sinca and they say the rest is history.
      So any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.


      1. Hi Carolyn.
        I’ll have a dig around for you and ask about the photo on the Victorian Wars forum. If you send me an email I’ll be able to let you know if I find anything out, and you’ll be able to ask further questions if you think of them.

        All the best,

    2. Hi Josh, My name is Christine Carusi ( nee Sinca ), Simeon Sinca is my great great Granfather. I have a copy of a handwritten story by my great grandfather Reginald Sinca. He wrote an account of Simeon”s story before he died. If you interested.

      1. Thank you for your interest. I’m sorry I can’t subscribe you, there is a button on the page for readers who wish to subscribe, click that and follow instructions. Thanks.

    3. Trying to find the un-sung hero’s of the Crimean conflict, civilian divers. If anyone has any details or can assist, please let me know. There seems very little around. This is my tale:

      I would be grateful for someone’s experience, please!

      I have William Edwards 1801-1855 from Whitstable, Kent. He was one of four civilian divers under the lead of John Deane asked to help clear channels/harbours around Kercht/Kerch and Sebastopol. Edwards and Deane also had experience with using explosives underwater.

      In May 1855 Edwards left Deane and travelled to Kercht/Kerch where he helped clear the Kercht/Kerch Straits into the Sea of Azov. In August 1855 he caught cholera and was transferred to a hospital ship ( I think ) HMS Belleise. He died August 31st that year and was buried at Fort Saint Paul, Kercht/Kerch. In September his wife arranged for a headstone to be placed on his grave. Both men received the Crimean War Medal.

      2: I am trying to locate Edwards grave. Was Fort Saint Paul the graveyard for the British? Could anyone help please?

      3: I have read about British graves being destroyed, so I understand this may be difficult.

      4: Deane is mentioned in several Times reports, but not William Edwards? Has anyone come across his name before. Both men helped develop the diving helmet and both are credited in finding the Mary Rose.

      Very basically I know very little about William Edwards while in Crimea, and I would if possible like to find out more. I have read many books, checked Ancestry and spoken with descendants. I have however now hit a research brick wall.

      I would be grateful for any help or assistance please!

      Mike Gunnill


      1. Presumably you have looked at John Bevan’s book, ‘The Infernal Diver’ in which Edwards is mentioned several times. If you haven’t, it’s available in Whitstable and other libraries. if you are unable to access any of the libraries, I have a copy and could send you relevant extracts by email.

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