Alice needed only a looking glass to get to wonderland. My name is Joshua, or Josh if you prefer, and I only need a book to get to Historyland. This website is about my adventures there, the things I discover on my travels, the people I meet and the things I see. (In real life I live in the UK.)

It’s not a hard place to find. You’ve heard of the second star to the right and straight on till morning, well to get to Historyland you go to the third star on the left and straight to the bookshelf marked History, if you reach the chemist then you’ve gone to far, possibly have have sight problems, and now, a very sore head.

As for time frame, I’m usually a pre caesium-137 absorbtion sort of fellow, so expect allot of ancient, medieval and early modern writing, and generally I am attracted to the experiences of soldiers and conflict.

To experience history you need only to have a good guide and some imagination. The distant past is only as hard to reconstruct as the day before yesterday, and in that sense the past becomes a not so distant place as you once thought.

You should all know how a website works so have a look around, if you can’t bear it (I am a terrible editor) ,then please let the Grizzly show you out with no hard feelings (except for that terrible pun) but if you can, please stay for as long as you like.

It is an enchanting and sometimes frightening place, a place I know better than some and not as much as others, but I do know the way, so if you have a spare moment to lose why not follow me, to my Historyland and perhaps maybe you will find your own.

Joshua Provan is a book reviewer, history writer and blogger, the founder of the award winning* Adventures in Historyland blog and contributes regularly to the Britannia Magazine on Facebook. His guest posts can also be found on several respected history blogs and websites. Although all of history fascinates him, he concentrates on British military history from the 17th to the mid-19th century. In addition, he has gained a reputation as a historical consultant and proofreader, an online historical content advisor and a research consultant.

*Two time winner of the Versatile Blogger Award.

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  1. This really is a great site to dabble ones toes in history and as I am getting more and more of an interest in the subject, this suits me down to the ground!! So I will take up the challenge and “follow you to historyland and beyond”. Here’s to the journey!!! 🙂

  2. great looking site – i already follow the sites related twitter accounts – i look forward to your articles and posts in the future. Im not a great historian but i do love history – so lead on MacDuff 🙂

    1. Yes sir. Though all history fascinates me, I’m learning more about the details of the world wars as I go thanks to forums and blogs like yours, the Pacific and Eastern theatres of ww2 I am especially interested in, and I hope to share what I learn when I feel confident enough about what I’m saying.

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