Did you hear the news about Robert the Bruce?

A new video, asking the question, did the new digital forensic reconstruction of Robert I actually tell us anything we didn’t already know? Just for the record the finished product is of course a great way to get the interest of the public, but I couldn’t resist being a little irreverent about all the hype… which I have helped perpetuate.



A Look at the Half Shilling Curate.



The Half Shilling Curate is the personal story of an army Champlain during the First World War, this is my video in which I talk a little about it, and there’s even a word from the author. Do please check it out. It’s available right now on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Half-Shilling-Curate-Personal-Account-1914-1918/dp/191109646X and at the publishers for a special discount. http://www.helion.co.uk/new-and-forthcoming-titles/the-half-shilling-curate-a-personal-account-of-war-faith-1914-1918.html