The Week in History episode 6.

Week of 21 August to 27 August 2017.

Monday: The First Shogun. Tuesday: Raising the Standard, Wednesday: A Proclaemation of Rebellion. Thursday: Eruption of Vesuvius. Saturday: Battle of Crecy.  Continue reading

The Week in History Issue 5.

The most interesting things that happened (Historically) this week.

Issue 5 includes : Maximinus Thrax proclaimed emperor 20 March (235), Murder of Tsar Paul I 23 March (1801). Catholic Emancipation, 24 March (1829). Robert the Bruce becomes King of Scotland. 25 March (1306). Continue reading

The Week in History, Issue 3.

Issue 3. Monday February 27- Sunday March 5. Including contemporary accounts, histories and newspaper reports of: The execution of Breaker Morant, 27 Feb (1902) . The Execution of Cuauthemoc, 28 Feb (1521). The Battle of Adwa, 1 March (1896). The Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico, 2 March (1836). Emancipation of Serfs in Russia, 3 March (1861). Boston Massacre, 5 March (1771).

Continue reading

The Week in History, Issue 2.

The Week in History.

A roundup of last week’s coolest historical events.

Issue 2: Wednesday 22 February (1732) George Washington is Born. Thursday 23 February (1836): Siege of the Alamo Begins, (1820) Cato Street Conspiracy Foiled. Friday 24 February (1525): Battle of Pavia. Sunday 26 February (1815) Napoleon escapes from Elba. Continue reading