Book Review: How Australia Became British by Howard T. Fry.


ISBN 9781445664989
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288.
Publisher: Amberley 2016.
In 1811 a book was published in France presenting the findings of a scientific exploration of southern Australia. But the name on the maps read, Terre Napoleon and the inlets and bays had names like Bonaparte and Josephine. It was a visual representation that showed how global the rivalry between France and Britain truly was. Newly discovered trade routes had made the east an area of great strategic interest. Continue reading “Book Review: How Australia Became British by Howard T. Fry.”

Sir John Moore & the King of Sweden for Britannia Magazine.

This is a post I have written for the new Facebook Page, Britannia Magazine, so far; I, Amarpal Sidhu, Mark Simner, Nick Britten, Manimugdha Sharma and Andrea Zuvich besides others will be contributing original material to bring you the history of the British Empire from 1600 to the end of the Cold War.

My first post deals with how the Peninsular War nearly started in Scandinavia in 1808, but was averted by a clash between Sir John Moore and the Ming of Sweden.