Book Review: The Battle of Trafalgar by Geoffrey Bennett.

The Battle of Trafalgar by Geoffrey Bennett
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When looking for an exciting, dramatic and tragic book, history or fiction you can’t go wrong with Nelson and Trafalgar.
In this book Geoffrey Bennett give a good clear cut account of the most famous naval battle in British history. Filled with solid background information that traces the prior history of the Navy, anecdotal facts and a serving sea officer’s prejudice for all things nautical over things terrestrial, not least the obvious affection a British sailor holds for the Royal Navy and Nelson in comparison to the enemy. Though as always never denying the threat of defeat.
Bennett is very thorough, giving great detail in the first part of the book, everything is covered, from origins, construction of ships, makeup of crews, armament, sailing capabilities, and tactics. The lions share goes to describing the British, but he doesn’t ignore the French, or for that matter the Spanish. So by the time the campaign narrative starts the reader has a good picture in their head as to the nuts and bolts of the matter.
The nautical conduct of the Revolutionary War is given, and the actions of the Navy in thwarting the Republic’s attempts to gain the seas, expand outside of Europe and invade Britain , while at the same time giving us some highlights of Nelson’s career, including the Hamilton affair and the dramatic chase across the ocean and seas that led up to Trafalgar. I was also pleased to see an abridged version of one of his memoranda included.
The narrative of the battle is well done, full of first and accounts and is clear and concise. Conveying well the thumping mechanical grind of a sea battle at this time and the courage and bravery of the men involved that contributed to the glory of the day.
This is a great book for someone looking to start reading about the battle and indeed the Navy. It’s short, authoritative and well written. And for this week also free, so what are you waiting for. Engage the enemy more closely!

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