Crossbones Preview: Blackbeard’s Other Caribbean Hideout by Greg Flemming.

Lets go for an Adventure in Historyland with author Greg Flemming, in his excellent new guest post; Crossbones Preview: Blackbeard’s Other Caribbean Hideout.

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Ching Shih, The Pirate Queen of the China Sea.

From Canton across the South China sea to the edge of the Philippines the Red Flags of Pirate Junks waved in the fragrant breeze. These were the ships of the greatest pirate fleet ever to sail the sea, the only true pirate confederation to actually exist and it was all headed up by one very mysterious woman named Ching Shih. There’s allot of information out there about Shih, and most of it is either unrealistic, unprovable, tentative or just wrong. If you believe most internet sites then you will come off with the impression she took on the world and won. Well it didn’t quite happen that way and the it’s time for the Internet to step back from sensationalising her. This (so far be understood) is the real story. Continue reading