Marlborough’s Hero’s part 4: Discipline.


Time to continue with Marlborough’s Hero’s…

It’s and average morning for the men of Lord —-more’s regiment encamped and quartered on the town of —–bridge. At parade however the adjutant reads out an order at the head of the battalion. “It is so ordered that one Lucy Hamilton, a necessary woman from the town, who was found being smuggled into camp in the company of private sentinel Jones, will this morning be escorted out of the camp, as per standing orders, sentinel Jones is hereby awarded 12 lashes for flagrant disregard of said orders blasphemous language and insubordination, punishment to be administered after the Sabbath”

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Marlborough’s Hero’s part 3: School of the Soldier.

So shall we go back to the 18th Century today?

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Marlborough’s Hero’s Part 2.

Taking the Queens Shilling

You could have been one of them rascals in red waiting with Joseph Fleet for the order to advance that day in Bavaria, well before you go head over heels down to the local tavern to let the sergeant buy you a round let me tell you a few things about taking the Queen’s shilling. Continue reading

Marlborough’s Hero’s Part 1.

So it looks to me like your ready to have a peek into the Eighteenth Century, lets go…

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