The Battle of Bushy Run 1763.

I’ve always been fascinated by this battle during the Great Indian Uprising commonly called Pontiac’s War. Maybe you will be too, in a way it is a little like an 18th Century Rorkes Drift. Continue reading

The Delafield Commission.

The Crimean War was one of the first to be widely photographed. The first as far as anybody with a degree knows was the Mexican American War. An anonymous artist took several daguerreotypes of US soldiers on campaign. Then a Hungarian with the per usual unpronounceable name of Carol Pop de Szathmari took over 200 images, now mostly lost, of the Russian Turkish conflict that lead up to the Crimean War. While searching around to see if I’d missed anything I found an interesting one called the American Commission, so here’s a brief adventure in Historyland about it. Continue reading

Resembling Jackson

While I was looking for a suitable picture of Thomas Stonewall Jackson to tweet, I came across one of him when he a young officer in the United States Army. Looking at it I was struck by the resemblance he shared with the Actor David Hedison who starred in, among other things, the popular TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Judge for yourself but if I had been a producer back in the day I would have instantly grabbed him to play Young Jackson in a movie, or later in a mini series if he grew a beard. I think they look quite alike. Continue reading

King’s Pirate. Henry Morgan’s Attack on Panama, Part 3.

Recommended as Further Reading by Don Nardo

So who were the Buccaneers and why did they hate the Spanish, why did the Spanish hate them? Lets go find out Continue reading